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CF Pyramid Tent Poles $25.00


MLD Carbon Fiber Pyramid Tent Poles

.5" / 13mm Unidirectional Cello Carbon Wrapped Carbon Fiber Tubes = Strong + Light!
Extra Strong Fabric Weave Carbon Fiber Ferrules - Bomber!

SoloMid 3oz $60 46" / 117cm 3-Section 16.5" folded

SoloMid XL 3.2oz $65 52" / 132cm 3-Section 18.5" folded

DuoMid 3.8oz $80 57" / 145cm 4-Section 16" folded

DuoMid XL 4oz $85 59" / 150cm 4-Secton 16.5" folded

SuperMid 4.4oz $90 72" / 182cm 4-Section 20" folded

Custom $75 or $110 Max 72" / 182cm - Max 5 section - See More Info below

4" Jack .4oz (one free with each pole)

Custom Length Pole Jacks: $25 See More Info below

TrailStar, Cricket and SuperTarp Poles: See More Info Below

• Bungee Corded Sections - User Replaceable
• Ends are Plugged and Capped
• Matched 4" Pole Jack with Ferrule free with each pole - Allows a higher max ventilation pitch.
• Individual sections are replaceable - Saves $ after a BigFoot accident...
• Made in the USA- We source the parts in the US and we cut, sand, glue, assemble and inspect here at MLD.
• Fixed length poles with included 4" jack. NO ADJUSTERS TO FAIL OR WEAKEN THE POLE. Any Mid pole can be set at an angle to adjust the height. More Angle = Shorter Pole. The pole lengths are measured for a basic low to the ground Mid pitch. Adding the 4" jack allow pitches a bit off the gourmand for more ventilation.
• Strong enough to use as an emergency trek pole for tricky stream crossings, etc. Just tape the sections together with a little duct tape.

Custom Length Pole Jacks: $25
Switch from you SoloMid to your DuoMid length with a longer pole jack.
Subtract the shorter pole length from the longer pole length to get your custom jack length measurement.

EX: SoloMid to DuoMid: 57"- 46" = 11" You need a 11" jack to make your SoloMid pole into a DuoMid Pole.
You tell us the length you need custom cut.
NOTE: 13" maximum (Solo to DuoXL)
NOTE: 72" - 46" = 26"...TOO LONG to go from from Solo to Super with one pole extension. Better to get a new SuperMid pole.

CUSTOM LENGTHS AVAILABLE for any other Tarp, Pyramid, Fisherwomen Pole or Carrot Dangling Device.
$75 Under 55" and 3 Section or Less.
$110 Over 55" and under 72" or 4 or 5 section. Max 5 sections.
You tell us what you want in the order comments.

Unlike the Pyramids, the TrailStar can be pitched many different shapes and heights and all would use different pole lengths. The most common pitch uses 2 poles. The middle pole at about 130cm and the front pole at about 115cm. This would be the SoloMid and SoloMid XL poles. With the two 4" pole jacks that would come with those two poles you will have many good options for pitching the TrailStar.

The SUPERTARP AND CRICKET TARP can also use these two poles. The CRICKET can also be set up with only one SoloMid XL Pole using a low beak pitch.

Before building our own poles, we bought and tested to destruction poles from many other sources. The main two issues were #1 they we not strong enough for the MLD Pyramids - MLD Mids can take a huge stress. Those other poles were too lightweight, too small and the ferrules were too thin and broke. The 2nd issue was the various glorified DYI adjusters that slipped, froze together, were heavy or weakened the pole with holes or did not offer much adjustment. A few poles were strong enough but too heavy. We think we have hit the sweet spot in lightweight, strength and simplicity.

If you decide you need a pole to be a bit shorter, you can do it yourself. It's easy. You would be cutting a short amount off the top of a pole. 1: Wrap the spot to cut with a few very tight wraps of cellophane tape. 2: Use a very fine tooth hacksaw blade to cut it. 3: Use sand paper to smooth the cut. The cut end would be capped and should not be used for the pole jack unless the cut is very well done and flat so the jack fits snug. OR: If you have a common diamond tooth tile saw, that works great. We can also do it for you no charge if you send it in to cover the return shipping.

These are not returnable after our normal return period of 15 days new and unused. We do warranty these poles for one year against breakage due to a broken or failed ferrule. We would repair the broken section only. If you step on the main tube, or the overall pole shows a lot of wear/use, etc. that is not covered.

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