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Pro Bear Bag ECO Line Kit $25.00


Super Glide Bear Bag ECO Line Kit
1.2oz / 50ft.
.1oz One SuperFly Mini Biner
.1 Cuben Fiber Rock Sack

$25 base price is for 60' Line + One Min Biner + Cuben Fiber Rock Sack.

• 50� SuperGlide Line. 2mm Hi Vis coated spectra line. 975lb test! This special ECO line has a smooth acrylic coating specifically designed to glide over limbs and limit potential for damage to the tree. It also throws and glides through branches very easy and make the whole bear bag experience worry free. The ECO line weave is soft and it flattens slightly as it glides over branchs. This is the lightest ECO bear bag line we could find.

• Strongest line for the weight and diameter possible.
• .1oz One SuperFly Mini Biner Included
• One 3 X 5" Cuben Fiber Rock Sack



Turn you own sack into a super bear bag system. Many hikers in low bear pressure areas often use only an OP SAK and do not hang their food. We've used it this way in heavy bug and mice infested AT trail shelters many times with no problems - the animals can not smell food locked inside the OP SAK.

OP SAK = Odor Proof + High Strength- A new-generation barrier film that is completely odor-proof. Now you can carry food and toiletries virtually undetected. Great for preventing animal intrusions at the campsite.

Certified waterproof to 60 meters / 200 feet
Tested and approved by the Navy Experimental Diving Unit
Safe. Our medical grade film is FDA approved
Temperature rated -40F to 170F
Ecologically smart. Highly reusable and 100% made of recyclable Polyethylene.
Camping and food supplies
Pack out body waste
Long term bio-hazard storage
Soiled diapers
Tobacco products
Rehydrate or cook dry foods with boiling water

PCT Bear Bag Hanging Technique

See the Pro Bear Bag System For Pics

0: Find a stick 2� - 5� long, about .5� diameter. You�re almost done.
1: Put a rock or gravel / sand in a rock sack and throw it over a branch 16-25 ft high.
2: Clip the rock sack side of the line into the SuperFly biner.
3: Pull the rock sack line to pull the food bag up to the branch.
4: Reach up over your head and tie the line around a the stick. Use a girth hitch or clove hitch.
5: Lower the bag until the stick jams at the biner suspending the bag at least 8� off the ground...10� is better for tall Grizz.
6: Reach over your head and stuff the left over line into the rock sack and cinch it closed.

Bag Retrieval
Pull the line down, unclip the line from the SuperFly biner, snap the stick to release the knot and lower the bag slowly. Watch your head.

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