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InnerNet (tm) 2010

Add an InnerNet to a Solo/Duo/SuperMid to create an ultra-light double walled tent that is modular and strong in wind, rain and snow.

SOLO InnerNet
This is the shelter used with the SoloMid used by Andrew Skurka on his incredible 4700mi Alaska -Yukon Expedition for heavy bug pressure. -

$145 9oz Pro Silnylon Bottom
$225 6.9oz Cuben Fiber Bottom
Pyramid Shape for more inside room vs a half pyramid design.
Long = 90"
Wide = 28" Head and Foot
Tall = 44"
Will fit up to 6'3" person with a long bag with head and foot lightly touching each end.

Can be used with the SoloMid, SoloMid XL, SuperMid or DuoMid.

DUO InnerNet
$165 13.5oz Pro Silnylon Bottom
$265 9.9oz Cuben Fiber Bottom

Long = 90"
Wide = 50"
Tall = 46"

Will fit two people. If either person is over 6' or uses a long bag, better to lie head to foot for more for room. If either person is over 6"3 or X wide - it will be tight.

Can be used with the SuperMid or DuoMid.

DUO XL InnerNet
$175 15oz Pro Silnylon Bottom
$255 10oz Cuben Fiber Bottom

Long = 90"
Wide = 48"
Tall = 54"

Will fit two people.

Can be used with the SuperMid or DuoMid XL.

$195 19oz Pro Silnylon Bottom
$345 14oz Cuben Fiber Bottom

Long = 92"
Wide = 92"
Tall = 54"
Palace for Two- OK with three- Four gets very friendly!

Solo and Duo sizes fit the SoloMid, DuoMid and SuperMid

Duo XL only fits the DuoMid XL and SuperMid

SuperMid size only fits the SuperMid and MOST OTHER Manufacturers PYRAMIDS

Duo Combined with the Silnylon DuoMid = 2 person FULLY double walled tent for 29oz

Solo Combined with the Cuben DuoMid= 1 person FULLY double walled tent for 20oz

Solo Combined with the Cuben SoloMid = 1 person FULLY double walled tent for 17oz


• Waterproof Pro Silnylon Floor - Very High Hydrostatic Rating
• Nanoseeum .7 Bug Netting
• 4" Bathtub Side Walls
• Corner Struts
• Cinch cord open top - Lets you extend the center pole through the InnerNet peak. Use an MLD Pole Jack and use the trek pole's tip up with a Pole Jack on top so the soft trek pole handle is on the floor. Solo version does not need this feature.
• Dual Slider #3 YKK Zipper
• 1/2 of the Duo InnerNet can be pushed over for solo use in the DuoMid (with pole outside the Duo InnerNet) to make a large vestibule.
• Reinforcement of Dyneema X in the center of the floor for using a trek pole inside and through the top of the InnerNet to support a Mid.

• 5"+ clearance on all sides of the Duo and Solo under a DuoMid - good separation with the outer walls.
• Intended to be part of a light weight shelter system - It is not Gigantic but you can sit fully upright.
• Some users may touch the netting at head and foot but there is still about 5+ inches of space to the DuoMid walls to prevent outer Mid walls condensation touching the netting. Solo not recommended for users over 6'3" or the DUO with two users if either user is over 6"2.
• Two full length trek poles can be used in an inverted V outside the Solo InnerNet. Two inverted poles + a 12" pole jack each will work under a DuoMid.

Set Up Instructions

The very first time you set up your Innernet and Mid will take about 10-20mins to get the pitch correct. After the corner bungee loops are tied and adjusted the InnerNet and Mid will mate and set up quickly.

1: First set up you Mid.
2: Then insert the Innernet and clip it to the Mid's inside apex loop. If you Pyramid is is set high you may need a short loop of bungee to connect the InnerNet Apex to the Mid. On the Duo and Super InnerNet the extra top apex cinch bungee is used to reach the Pyramid's clip.
3: Note the distance from each corner of the Innernet to the outer Mid and the length of bungee loop needed to reach the corners.
4: Cut and Tie 3/32" bungee loops to the to the Innernet corners.
5: Adjust the tension on the Innernet floor by lengthening or shortening the bungee loops.
6: You may use additional stakes for the InnerNet corners or clip them to the shelter stakes using the long bungee cord loops of some guyline.


NOTE: We highly advise you also use McNett ZipCare on the zipper when new and then every 30 days of use for a long life.

The InnerNets are sized to fit under all the MLD mids that are the same size or larger and can fit under many other shelters and tarps or they can be set up alone.

For example, the Solo Innernet will fit the SoloMid, DuoMid, Speed Mid and SuperMid and can be set up under most Duo Tarps and the Solo Trailstar and full size TrailStar. (The Super InnerNet will only fit the SuperMid- It is too tall for the SpeedMid.)

The short elastic corners tieouts loops with hooks on the InnerNets are not long enough to fit any of the the shelters exactly in order to give you various pitch options in the Mid - higher off the ground or low.

The hooks can be moved up or down to create the best angle for various pitches- just slide the small hook higher or lower to change the angle.

In most cases when an Innernet is used under a Mid, you will need to add loops of bungee to extend the corner stake points for your particular shelters. A length of 3/32" bungee is supplied and will be cut into four loops to fit your setup.

The bungee loops can be staked down with the Mid stakes OR can be to tied to the Mid's corner tieouts OR can be staked independently.

You can use SilNet silicone seam sealer on the inside corner seams and on any floor stitching. Cuben versions are seam taped.

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