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Spirit Quilts 28-38-48 Degree $215.00


NOTE Quilt Sale Was Over the Top!!! We may run out of quilt materials and there will be a 8 week wait for our new fabric delivery- Orders placed after 10/19 may see a delay.

The ORIGINAL : MLD has been building ClimaShield Apex synthetic backcountry style quilts longer than any other company.

NEW OPTION : Poncho Head Slot Option for 48 and 38 Versions (*Not available on the 28 version do to the extra thickness.)

Also See the Apex Balaclava : Pairs Perfectly with Spirit Quilts

If you are new to Backcounrty Sleep Quilt systems and use please read all the the product description.

Long Term User Review:

Spirit Quilts
28 Degree
Small: 19oz
Regular: 21oz
Large: 23oz
X Large: 26oz

38 Degree
Small: 15 oz
Regular: 17oz
Large: 19oz
X Large: 21oz

48 Degree
Small: 10.5 oz
Regular: 12 oz
Large: 13oz
X Large: 15oz

Weights/Sizes are approximate +/- 5%

Shell Fabric and Lining Fabric:

MLD Endurance 10d X 10x 3xDWR RipStop .74 oz sq/yd

Insulation: 2015 Climashield Apex

A True Ultra Lightweight Specialists Tool

Black Color Only for Speed Drying

Design Goal: Build the warmest for the weight, fully feature enhanced, multi-purpose synthetic quilt possibl

Andrew Skurka choose an MLD Apex Quilt his incredible Alaska-Yukon 4700 Expedition -

***Please For the Love of God****
If in doubt on size - SIZE UP!

Neck 42'
Shoulder 46"
Hips 42"
Foot 34'
Length 66'
Small Fits Users:
5'6" and shorter and under about 130lbs

Neck 44"
Shoulder 48"
Hips 44"
Foot 36"
Length 70"
Regular Fits Users:
5'9" and shorter and under about 175lbs

Neck 46"
Shoulder 50"
Hips 46"
Foot Width 40"
Length 74"
Large Fits Users:
6'0" and shorter and under about 200lbs

X Large
Neck 48"
Shoulders 52"
Hips 48"
Foot 42"
Length 78"
X Large Fits Users Who:
6'3" and shorter and under about 240lbs

Measurements and Weights Are Approximate +/- 5%

Custom non returnable sizing available: Example: Reg Width / XL length.
Select the largest size for pricing and then note the custom info in the comments when checking out.

***Please For the Love of God**** If in doubt on size - SIZE UP! Try out the fit at home for a few minutes when you receive it. Make sure the test area is very clean - no dog hairs please. Used sleeping gear can not be returned. Please do not test it sleeping overnight on your porch. Actual shipping charges will not be refunded.

Head Slot Option Not available on the 28 version do to the extra thickness.


Poncho Head Slot Option for 48 and 38 Versions
Increases the versatility of the lighter quilts to be used as wearable insulation in camp. A 12" horizontal slot is added in the middle of the quilt. Closes with three low profile nylon snaps. This option is great as a back up or planned addition to a full winter overbag sleep system. See the M Quilt product for pictures of the head slot. NOTE: This is a custom non-returnable option. +$30 (***Not available on the 28 version do to the extra thickness.)

ClimaShield Apex
ClimaShield APEX is the most thermally efficient synthetic quilt insulation avialable. It drapes, compresses and recovers extremely well and does not requiring through-stitching baffles to stabilize the insulation- that eliminates compressed sewn areas and prevents cold spots. Many other synthetic insulations require sewing of the insulation to the bag shell (you can see the many horizontal seams on the outside and/or inside of the shell) to prevent shifting or tearing. Apex is a modern continuous long staple type of insulation and does not need quilting in this type quilt and retains all of it's thermal clo value. - Some synthetic insulations made for small panels in clothing that that test good clo ratings loose much of that thermal efficiency by quilting to stabilized the fragile insulation matrix - Sewn through insulations generally can not recover as well to multiple tight compressions over time.

Large foot box for more comfort vs other light weight quilts and bags. Allows the use of insulated socks, booties or other clothing in the foot box with out compression formed cold spots.

MLD 2015 Mountain 10d X 10d 3xDWR The very best lightweight sleeping bag fabric available. It has a high thread count density for strength. See Fabrics Mojo Page. Our 3xDWR shell and lining fabrics are an important part of the thermal equation. The liner and shell are tuned for air permeability to limit condensation and slow heat transfer to boost the the overall warmth rating.

Can be used over ALL other bags to boost temp ratings because the foot and leg circumference can be adjusted - unlike a fixed foot box quilt. Use it over a 2 or 3 season down bag for full winter temps. This system also helps keep the down inner bag dry. In below freezing weather- insensible perspiration from your body cools as it moves through the sleep system and condenses back to liquid water near the colder outer surface. By using a synthetic quilt over a down inner bag, the down bag stays dry and the synthetic quilt dries fast and retains most of it's insulation when wet.

• Hammock Under Quilt Use Ready : Corner webbing loops for use as a hammock under quilt.

• Foot box and lower leg area is larger than many other lightweight quilts. Body mapped shape offers warmer torso area and less bunching at the neck.

• Anchored no-fumble cord locks at each end.

• 24" soft velcro strips make a tight seal for lower legs and allows variable venting and full open use as a flat quilt or hammock under quilt. Also dries much faster when fully open.

• Removable dual sided adjustable back strap. Back strap has a long webbing to secure under a sleep pad. Sleep pad elastic clip on connection system supplied to make it easy to clip the quilt on and off of a sleep pad if desired.

• Quilt can be reversed to use inside out if one side gets wet.

• Head and Foot elastic cord sleeves.

• Foot box vent plug for the Spirit 28 and 38 - Prevents heat loss through the tiny gap after cinching the foot box closed.

Many users of the Spirit 48 quilts also use it over a 3 season down mummy bag to extend their system to 4 seasons. - Body and clothing moisture that can condense in any sleep system is more likely to condense in the outer synthetic layer as it cools where it is more easily manageable by drying that thinner synthetic outer layer.

Temp Range

Also See The New 2015Apex Balaclava : Pairs Perfectly with Spirit Quilts

We hesitate to offer exact temp comfort ranges because there are so many variables, but here we go...We assume users understand standard UL clothing, shelter, camp site selection and quilt sleeping strategies. With multiple years of testing and extensive customer feedback from many many users - we feel these ratings are a good general guide to your comfort level.

Spirit Quilt 48
48 Degrees : Long sleeve shirt, 16.5 micron merino wool thong, socks
40 Degrees : Lightly insulated clothes, balaclava, bivy or enclosed shelter
35 Degrees : More insulated clothes, insulated MLD balaclava, real nice socks + SuperLight bivy or enclosed shelter

Spirit Quilt 38
38 Degrees : Long sleeve shirt, long pants, socks, light balaclava
32 Degrees : Lightly insulated clothes, thicker MLD balaclava, bivy or enclosed shelter
25 Degrees : More insulated clothes, mo-better balaclava, real nice socks + SuperLight bivy or enclosed shelter

Spirit Quilt 28
28 Degrees: Lightly insulated clothes, thicker MLD balaclava + SuperLight bivy
20 Degrees : All of the above plus raw animal willpower - Honey Badger
(Optional Head Slot Not available on the 28 version do to the extra thickness.)

With the right shelter and sufficient clothing Andrew Skurka has comfortably used a Spirit 28 to about 15.


Available Options:
Poncho Head Slot:
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