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Mountain Laurel Designs

Mountain Laurel Designs (MLD) - Info


WARRANTY RETURNS: 1: All sewn gear is warranted for 1 Year for manufacturing and material defects. We want to fix those rare problems quickly and will pay for the return postage. 2: We may repair, replace or refund warranty returns. Which one depends on the nature of the problem. Small issues usually get repaired. Refunds are rare. 3: Ultralight gear requires reasonable care and treatment on the trail. We do not warranty user damage or porcupine attacks.

EXCHANGES: 1: 30 days from delivery for a size exchange. We are alway very happy to help with size exchanges! 2: 100% New and Unused. Test and inspect at home. Call if you are unsure about fit. 3: You send it in and we pay the postage to send you the size change.

RETURNS FOR REFUND: 1: 15 days From Delivery 2: New and 100% Unused. Must be 100% Clean. 3: Stock Standard Items Only. Custom Gear is Not Returnable - See the complete product descriptions. 4: You pay postage to return it. Shipping cost is not refunded and may be slightly higher than the low shipping fee charged.

EXCEPTIONS: 1: There may be exceptions. They are rare. Contact us first.

REPAIRS: 1: We are happy to do damage repairs when possible and will only charge the actual shop time required for the repair at $50 p/h. Ex: A zipper pull replacement on a Bivy or Mid would be $20 + return shipping. Only send in clean gear for repair. Cleaning costs before repair may be Expensive!

Q: What is “New and Unused”? A: You tried it at home and maybe walked around the block to test fit. You set the Mid up in your yard and made sure the dog did not pee on it. It never went on the trail and does not smell like smoke, beer or skunk. For bivys and quilts try it on top of a clean bed… too many dog hairs, etc. on the floor! For shelters, pick a spot in the yard that is dry and the grass/leaves/weeds, etc. are not too tall.

***A Note on Returns*** We understand that occasionally you are ernest in your choice and excited about the new gear but on receipt find it’s just not for you. That’s OK and we understand that. In the broad online retail world, returns can run as high as 40% of sales - WOW! That adds about 20% to the cost you pay upfront for those items. Our return rate is mush lower and inline with other small gear companies but returns do add upfront cost to all gear. Major multiple item returns can add up to over $50 of shop time to inspect and process the return. We want to be fair, but also limit returns due to failed 3am retail therapy orders that result in returned unopened packages , unused forgotten gear found in the exploding gear closet the next season or packages that never even got opened for 6 weeks after delivery.… You’d be surprised how often this happens! Those type returns increase the price for all customers. Please read the entire product description and if new to that type gear check out any review links on the product pages. If you are not sure about a product email or call us, we’d love to help!

IMPORTANT INFO ON SHIPPING: *We keep it simple and the shipping, shipping materials and handling costs as low as possible. We ship by USPS mail and see an extremely high delivery rate when the address info is ***correctly supplied*** and you have no mail theft or known delivery problems. We do not add insurance to shipments. We do send an email notification when the order is shipped - you can track your shipment. Your online account will always and only say Pending. If you need Express shipping we can do that but it must be arranged before your order is placed. We are not responsible for any mail thefts once the package is show as delivered. If you have known delivery problems you should contact us first to arrange a more secure shipping method. HOW TO HELP YOURSELF GET PACKAGES PROPERLY 1: Make sure you provide full and complete addresses and someone will be home to collect the mail everyday. 2: Make sure you post box and home/apt door have large clear numbers on them. It helps to have your last name on your box too. 3: The USPS will not deliver to houses with snow/icy steps or loose dogs. 4: The USPS will not "leave the package at the rear of the house in the ice cooler" - they leave it at the mail box or front door where you get your regular mail. 5: If your home/neighborhood or post box is not safe your package my get stolen. 6: If you are worried about #5 then give us a different address that is secure or arrange for special signature only delivery. * Shipments outside the US are not guaranteed and are shipped regular USPS mail. Your country's post office delivers it to you and we can not control or insure that. Many countries PO does interface with the USPS and you will see that tracking. Some countries do not and it will only show it left the US. 99.7% of all International ships arrive safely. For that remaining .3% that goes wrong someone was not home to get the delivery/delivery notice and the package may get returned to us a few months later. *We can only guarantee International shipments for an extra fee and we only charge the actual shipping charges. That is by USPS International Express and costs between $75 and $100. A signature receipt would be required. Contact us before ordering if you need this service. *To help make sure your package arrives safe: Give us an address where someone can check the home mail everyday. Note our delivery times posted on our homepage and plan accordingly. We can not Express ship to make a trip date if it was not arranged before shipment time. * We enjoy a 99.9% successful delivery rate in the US and about 99.5% overseas using reg USPS mail. For the few times it has not worked, in almost every case the customer was either #1 Not home to receive the package sometime each day (sometimes gone for weeks...) #2 The PO delivery notice slip is lost in junk mail... #3 Waited over a month past the projected delivery time to inquire about the missing delivery - your Post Office only holds it for 2-4 weeks and then sends it back - sometimes taking up to 4 months for international #4 Customers used a business address and it got lost within the company mail system (It's fallen behind the break room fridge - true story - or the dude at your work in the mail room hates you - true story. #5 Customer failed to tell us about known security or delivery issues at the listed address (porch mail thefts, bad dogs, wild animal mail thefts (true story) etc. Help Us Help You!

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