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Mountain Laurel Designs

Mountain Laurel Designs (MLD) - Info

Super Ultra Light Philosophy

SUL = Simplicity

Do we live in a world of too many choices? Would you like to lower your stress and Simplify life? Most of us would. Wilderness travel is no different. Selecting a minimal number SUL multiple-use gear, and only what we really really need, creates opportunity to transcend daily life and discover more. Freeing our body of heavy gear helps free our mind. It's not about suffering or denial. It's about purity of form. Blending art and knowledge on the trail defines what is possible.

SUL = Self Reliance

Self Reliance builds us mentally and spiritually and prepares us to achieve our goals. Super Ultra Light philosophy functions similarly. We choose to develop our skills and knowledge instead of over reliance on too heavy equipment or too much others. Confidence and self esteem gained from these experiences carry over into our everyday life and enrich us as individuals and hopefully our communities.

SUL = Adventure

Adventure Is All About Fun. If there is a certainty of outcome, of guaranteed 24/7 comfort, of not pushing our limits; then where is the Adventure? Traveling longer trail distances efficiently and via ecologically sound principals creates a challenge.


Everyone perceives and experiences things differently. Thank God. SUL is not the best choice for everyone and is certainly not the only way to pursue enjoyable backpacking. Everyone must make their own choices based on individual goals. AT MLD, our goal is to offer gear to those who have chosen to challenge them selves in the minimalist way of Super Ultra Light.

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